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MENTALITY 1 2 3 4 5
1. I don’t hold on to anger very long.
2. I don’t see myself as a victim in life.
3. I am responsible for my own happiness.
4. I have positive feelings about sex.
5. I accept my mates for who they are.
6. I have activities or hobbies I enjoy.
7. I go for what I want.
8. I bounce back when things go wrong.
9. I have learned to forgive.
10. I prefer being in a relationship than being alone.
11. I am able to look at my own flaws.
12. I like to give and receive affection.
13. I have had a one year relationship.
14. I don’t give up very easily.
15. I know how to compromise.
16. I am happy with myself.
17. I don’t have a fear of failure.
18. I can admit when I am wrong.
19. I have a positive outlook on life.
20. I can communicate my feelings.

Check the box that best describes how you feel most of the time.


1=strongly disagree 2=disagree 3=neutral 4=agree 5=strongly agree

Measure your relationship readiness by finding your score and age category to determine your lane (mentality + age=lane). If your mentality score and age are on the same line, so is your lane. However, if there is a discrepancy between your mentality and age, consider yourself in the middle lane. For instance, if you are age 25 with a Nag mentality, or age 45 with a Filly mentality you’re a Long Shot in the middle lane.


69-100=Filly age 20-29 fast rack

37-68=Long Shot age 30-39 middle lane

20-36=Nag age 40 or older slow lane

Taken from Long Shot: beating the odds to love and happiness by Stephanie Livingston, PhD

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