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Heart Attack or Panic Attack?

by on Feb.06, 2011, under Support Groups

Have you had episodes of rapid heart beat, dizziness, or sweating, accompanied by an overwhelming fear that you were going to lose control. If you had these symptoms and went to your doctor, who said that all your medical tests were negative, and that it may just be anxiety, you may have been having a panic attack. Panic atttacks are just one of the many types of anxiety disorders. Although the etiology of panic disorder is not completely understood, psychological factors clearly play a role in the triggering and maintenance of the disorder. If gone untreated, this type of anxiety disorder could lead to agoraphobia, avoiding situations that trigger the panic attack. Consequently, it may be more and more difficult to live life (eg, driving a car, going to the grocery store, being in crowds), due to this paralyzing fear. This eight week support group will help you to identify psychological factors that may be underling your anxiey, make behaviroal changes, and assess your progress. The support group is led by a licensed psychologist, with years of experience in treating anxiety disorders. Come and learn these proven strategies to overcome your anxiety.

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