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Peak Performance Training

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Exceeding Limits/Living Ahead

ELA is a division of Biopsychtech of Chicago, Ltd. and offers services specifically targeting individuals, companies, and teams who want to enhance their performance. ELA helps these individuals to exceed the limits of their raw talent, technical, and physical skill by giving them the tools to live ahead of the curve.


Some services are covered by insurance and some are fee for service.


*regulation of emotion and intensity is key to peak performance.

*anger, frustration, anxiety & fear can cause changes in blood pressure, respiration rate, peripheral temperature, heart rhythm/rate

*erratic heart rhythms block our ability to think clearly

*em Wave® is a monitoring tool that can facilitate changes in heart rhythm coherence

*mental skills training can improve performance through mind/body synchrony

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RAISE YOUR GAME! Peak performance training

the mind is the new frontier

free your mind…

Learn how to use proven psychological principles and cutting edge technology to enhance your level of performance anytime, anywhere, without medication.

How to raise your game

Peak Performance Training (PPT) is a program designed to help you improve your level of performance by facilitating mind/body synchrony. If you are trying to take your game to another level, PPT may be for you. Studies have shown that stress can interfere with the body’s ability to relax, the mind’s ability to make good decisions, and one’s ability to manage his/her emotions. Whether you are making a shot, performing on stage, having difficulty focusing on a task, taking a test, making an executive decision or trying to lower your blood pressure, getting into “the zone” is beneficial.


The zone is playing without thinking. When one is in the zone there is complete mind/body synchrony. The zone is the state of consciousness where your higher motor faculties and intuition merge in liquid coordination.







*Mental Skills Training

*Behavioral Conditioning

*Heart rate variability (HRV) feedback measured by em Wave® by HeartMath®

*Relaxation techniques


*athletes, teams, coaches

*business (decision making, stress)

*patients (pain/blood pressure)

*students (ADD/ADHD, test anxiety)

*anyone who wants to improve performance or quality of life

what are the benefits?

*changes in anatomy & physiology

*improved cognitive clarity

*improved eye hand coordination

*established routines versus rituals

*mind/body synchrony

*emotional/intensity regulation

*better decision making under pressure

*coping with winning, losing, & injury

heartmath® facts

HeartMath and em Wave® PC provide a system of tools and techniques that are based on 15 years of scientific research on the psychophysiology of stress and emotions and the interaction between the heart and the brain. In general emotional stress creates erratic heart rhythm patterns, that in turn affects the body’s ability to function properly. Heart rate variability (HRV) coherence training systems have been used effectively to improve performance anxiety in the areas such as, but not limited to Sports/Entertainment Business , Health, and Education. Moving from chaos to coherence by learning to control HRV in real time, with the use of cutting edge technology is the goal of HeartMath strategies..

Tiger Woods comment: In an interview with Jimmy Roberts of NBC Sports, Tiger Woods was quoted in part as saying:, “the guys who are really controlling their emotions are going to win.”

other services

*individual, couples, group psychotherapy

*psychological testing




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